The Vanilla Suite

Elephant Stables

The hotel features a collection of 7 rooms and suites that uniquely combine colonial flavour and ambience with chic designer elements. Our bedrooms feature some of the best interior design in Sri Lanka.

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Suitable Room Occupancy
  • 2 Adults (Double)
  • 2 Adults / Children (Twin)
  • 3 Adults / Children (Triple)
  • 2 Adults and 2 Children below 12 years of age (Quadruple)
Note: When clients order a Triple Room, they are always given a ‘proper’ colonial era Teak Single Bed. This bed is especially assembled prior to the guest’s arrival. We do not believe in giving flimsy fold away beds to any of our guests!
Note: This Room feature a large 4 Poster Bed. If you require twin beds, we will assemble a Single Teak Bed in addition free of charge prior to your arrival. Please inform us beforehand in order to get your room ready in time if this is required!
The Vanilla Suite

A large suite room on the upper floor of the Colonial Wing with a 4 Poster Bed with an additional small interconnecting room containing a Bunk Bed.

A perfect choice for a family of 2 adults and 2 young children (below 12 years of age), or those seeking a triple room or clients that require plenty of private space.

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