The Cottage Suite

Elephant Stables

The hotel features a collection of 7 rooms and suites that uniquely combine colonial flavour and ambience with chic designer elements. Our bedrooms feature some of the best interior design in Sri Lanka.
Suitable Room Occupancy
  • 2 Adults (Double)
  • 2 Adults or Children (Twin)
  • 3 Adults or Children (Triple)
  • 4 Adults or Children (Quadruple)
The Cottage Suite
A large stand alone cottage in the garden overlooking the back lawn and pool is available for guests that require a substantial amount of space for their holiday requirements.
The room is partitioned with a ‘cut out’ wall so that one area contains a ‘private’ bedroom with a 4 Poster Bed and the other part contains a living area with two separate Single Teak 4 Poster Beds.
This is a perfect choice for a family of 2 adults and 2 children or those seeking a Triple Room with plenty of space or clients that wish to stay for an extended period at The Elephant Stables.

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