The Sir David Lean Bungalow – Anniewatte

Elephant Stables

The Sir David Lean Bungalow of the Elephant Stables is located about 4 Km away from the main hotel on top of a ridge at Anniewatte. It takes up the whole east wing of one of the most important colonial bungalows in Kandy having been used for the filming of major scenes of Sir David Lean’s epic wartime masterpiece The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957).
It is widely recognized that the bungalow has the most beautiful view in the whole of Kandy. There are glorious views from the top of the Anniewatte ridge looking down over the lush Mahaweli River Valley below. The bungalow interior is also full of extremely rare and beautiful antique furniture including collections that were made especially for Queen Elizabeth’s State Visit to Ceylon in 1954.

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Suitable Room Occupancy
  • Adults (Single)
  • Adults (Double)
  • Adults or Children (Twin)
  • Adults or Children (Triple)
  • Adults or Children (Quadruple)
  • Adults or Children (Quintuple)
Bed Rooms
Guests have exclusive use of a huge 2 bedroom Suite (Main Bedroom with Attached Twin Bedroom) and a private Living and Dining verandah with stupendous views over the Mahaweli River. There is also a gorgeous Living Room and Reception area in the main bungalow that is full of beautiful Art Deco and colonial furniture where guests are completely free to wander and relax in opulent luxury.
The part of the bungalow that is totally exclusive to guests alone is well over 1400 square feet!
There is an exclusive private Chef at the bungalow to provide delicious private meals for guests. As an alternative, guests are most welcome to sample the variety of cuisines on offer at the main hotel - with complimentary transport provided.
There is a private Study / Office Room containing many interesting reference books on Sri Lanka.
The bungalow does not have a pool but guests can be given free transport in our own Mini Moke or Austin A55 vintage car to use the swimming pool and other facilities of the main hotel nearby.

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