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Luxury Tent





The hotel features a collection of 7 rooms and suites that uniquely combine colonial flavour and ambience with chic designer elements. Our bedrooms feature some of the best interior design in Sri Lanka.

Suitable Room Occupancy

2 Adults (Double)
2 Adults or Children (Twin)
3 Adults or Children (Triple)
4 Adults or Children (Quadruple)
5 Adults or Children

The Luxury Royal Tented Suite

A 915 square foot / 85 square meter tented suite that is easily the largest permanent tented structure in Sri Lanka and one of the largest tented bedrooms in the entire world!

The tent is partitioned with curtains that separate the huge living and dining areas from the Master Bedroom that features a large 4 Poster Bed as well as a Second Bedroom that contains two Single 4 Poster Beds. Another extra bed can be easily set up in the Living Room. A beautiful bathroom with polished cement walls has been built inside the tent. The tent is fully air conditioned.

Important Notes:

The Luxury Royal Tented Suite is the largest tented hotel room in Sri Lanka and possibly one of the largest permanent tented hotel rooms in the entire world. Because of its uniqueness we request our agents to kindly communicate the following issues to potential guests prior to confirming a booking at the suite.
A tent is an outdoor construction. Unlike hotel rooms that are located inside a hotel building, any guest leaving the front entrance cover open will enable insects to enter the tent, especially in the evenings when the interior lighting will attract many moths. In any event, by its very nature, it is impossible to build a tent this size that is 100% insect proof, and guests need to bear in mind that insects will always find a way of coming inside. If guests (and especially their children) have a major aversion to a few insects making an appearance inside the tent we strongly advise them to consider booking another room type at the hotel. Our staff clean the interior of the tents three times per day, netting and releasing all harmless insects to the outside. Anti insect sprays are used daily and a high level of cleanliness is maintained as a matter of course. Natural Lemongrass Oil is sprayed in the exterior areas outside the tent each evening, which is an eco-friendly way of keeping away mosquitoes.
Personal Safety And Security
By its very nature, and the type of the materials used, it is impossible to provide highly secure accommodation in a tent. We give guests a coded padlock to fasten the inner-zip lining of the tent so that the tent is lockable from the inside. Persons that are anxious or concerned about having a high level of personal security are therefore urged to consider booking another room type at the hotel. Suffice to say that The Elephant Stables lies on the top of a hillock on a very private road. There have so far been no instances of theft or burglary or loss of personal property since the inception of the hotel. We strictly advise guests not to smoke inside the tent, the tent verandahs or near the exterior of the tent. Guests are welcome to smoke outside the tent.
Personal Privacy
The tent interior is open plan in design. The two bedrooms are separated by a tall curtain that gives a measure of privacy. We therefore feel that the tented suite is more suitable for families rather than groups of friends etc. The bathroom however is fully enclosed as a permanent structure inside the tent ensuring total privacy.